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December 20, 2016
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Elinora Santiana drums her fingers on the table next to the keyboard as she waits for Bill Williamson to make his move. The figure on the screen tosses $10 into the pot, calling the bet. In her broken English, Elinora chides Bill for losing his nerve. Nikolai Pretruska clicks on his mouse to put in his $10, then raises the bet by another $5. He writes Elinora a little message, teasing her for playing poker as aggressively as a man, only without the skill. He adds a little smiley face with a wink to take away the sting, laughing to himself as she loses the round. Back in Chile, she grimaces at the message on her screen, thinking to herself that she should stay away from poker games with impossible Russian men.

Nikolai, Elinora, Bill, and several more friends have been playing online poker together for months. They play only at their online poker room, their favorite game, and at their chosen time every week. @614 Internet Time on Thursdays, they all sit down at their computers for a great game of Texas Hold’em, regardless of the crazy time differences between them.

So what is this ‘Internet Time’ that they go by? It’s a new time measurement system developed in 1998 by the Massachusetts Institute of technology, which divides up the day into 1000 universal ‘beats’. No more need for time zones. No more headaches calculating what time of day you’re supposed to meet your online poker buddies from Peru and Yugoslavia for your favorite game. Internet time is really just a simple, stress-free way of dividing up the day to make our online lives easier. So maybe the next time you make some friends online at a poker room, you should try using internet time to arrange your next game.

Personally, I think for our purposes we should change the name to Internet Poker Time, but that, of course, is just my humble opinion.

Who knows? Maybe it will catch on!

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