Find The Best Poker Rooms Online

Poker has lately become a world wide craze, with television channels and endless online games popping up wherever the mouse clicks. Statistics claim that over 50 million people “toss their chips” in various forms on a daily basis. But where is the best place to play? We list the best poker rooms on the internet, to show you where to play and where to avoid!

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How To Choose The Best Poker Room To Join

As we mentioned, the world of online poker is absolutely huge. So with so many sites to choose from, how do you decide where to start? That’s where we can help.

  • Welcome Bonus – Just like casino signup bonuses, poker rooms offer some great deals to new customers.
    Getting a good welcome bonus isn’t the only reason to join, but it certainly helps build your bankroll.
  • Freerolls – The best poker rooms will usually offer freeroll tournaments to both new and existing players.
  • Choice of Tables – No matter what your skill level, you’ll want a good choice of tables to play at.
    Beginners will want low limit tables, experienced players will be looking to play with higher stakes. The best poker room always offers a range of tables to suit everybody.
  • Number of Players – It’s one thing having a choice of tables, but that’s no good if there’s nobody playing at them. Smaller sites can offer a better service than larger ones at times, but you still need to make sure there are enough other players online.
  • Speed of Gameplay – Who likes sittign around waiting for things to happen? Nobody, that’s who. So that’s why these days, the best poker rooms are introducing turbo games to make poker go even faster. It’s a feature well worth looking out for.
  • License – Only a fool plays at an unlicensed betting site. If they aren’t regulated,
    you have no protection. We strongly recommend that you only play at sites you can trust, and which are regulated by the gambling commission in the UK, or a similar international body.

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