What’s The Point Of Poker Prop Players?

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December 20, 2016
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One of the most exciting and desired positions in online land-based rooms, is the Poker Prop Players. However, what is it and why such a fuss surrounds it? We are here at Poker Room St to explain this scope of activity and transfer it from the unknown to the grounds of common knowledge. So go ahead and don’t waste another minute!

What is a Poker Prop Player?

A Poker Prop Player is a player paid by the house to play games. Although they receive compensation, Poker Prop Players use their own money when they play and therefore may lose or earn extra cash according to their personal winnings. In general, Prop Players are very good at all types of games so they can at least break even at the tables, or else there would be no point in them taking on the job.

What is the purpose of having Poker Prop Players?

On Poker Room St, we believe that Prop Players fulfill a very important job for card rooms for two main reasons:

1) They are used to start new games and get them going.

2) They make sure that games do not die out prematurely.

The house tells them where to play according to where they are needed, which therefore means that they must be proficient in more than one type of game. The house sticks them in the toughest and the worst games, or puts them at tables to start new games, in order to keep a high level of action going on at all times in their card rooms.

How does the Card Room benefit from having Prop Players?

The answer is simple: more games played = more money made by the house. Card rooms charge a rake, or fee, for each game, which is taken from the pot. The more players, the more props needed to start game.

Do Prop Players have gaming advantages?

No, they don’t. Their playing skill is entirely personal and they are given no strategic advantage by the house. In most card rooms, Prop Players are even required to identify themselves if asked by another player.

How are Prop Players usually selected to play at online card rooms?

Selection varies from site to site, but in general, players apply for the position or are offered the job after being randomly selected by the poker room software.

Do Online Prop Players fulfill the same role as offline Prop Players?

Poker Room St considers their role to be very similar, with minor adjustments due to the different playing environments and technology involved. At some sites, Prop Players also act as hosts and greet other players entering the poker room through online chat.

What is the difference between a “Shill” and a Prop Player?

A Shill plays with house money and is paid by the hour. The money they win is not theirs to keep, but they are also told by the house where to play. Prop players are generally paid hourly as well, but use their own money to play at the tables they are directed to by the house.

Disadvantages of becoming a Prop Player

Although Prop Players get paid to play their favorite game, they are not given the leisure of deciding which game to play at. It’s a tough job. A Prop Player has to know how to play shorthand as well. Prop Players have to work on all their poker skills or they will simply loose all their money when stuck at a game with which they have less experience

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