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August 17, 2022
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Online poker saw a massive boom since it was introduced in the late 90’s. Online poker sites allow players to get together wherever they are in the world and play poker against each other either for fun or for real money.

Some of us prefer to play poker with friends rather than unknown individuals and this usually means meeting up either at a poker club or at someone’s house to play poker live face-to-face.

However, it is possible to play poker online with friends without any players leaving their homes. A select few poker sites allow customers to set up private games and tournaments and invite friends that they wish to play with. No outsiders can join the tables making it the perfect solution to being unable to organise a face to face game.

Which Poker Sites Offer Private Tables?

Currently, just two of the main online poker sites offer private games. Thankfully, they’re two of the biggest ones that you may already have accounts with.

Pokerstars Private Tables

Pokerstars was launched in 2001 and quickly became one of the leading online poker sites. Millions of players use the platform on a daily basis and they are one of the sites that facilitate private tables.

Using Pokerstars Home Games, players are able to set up private tables for either single games or tournaments. There is also the very nice option of creating private poker leagues which is useful for groups of people who play regularly.

888Poker Private Tables

Another poker site to offer private tables is 888Poker which was launched a year later in 2002.

888Poker is part of the 888 Group which operates associated brands such as 888Casino, 888Sport, 888Bingo and many others. They’re a well respected and reputable company that we recommend.

The 888Poker Play With Friends feature allows registered users to create private tournaments and cash games. There are several useful features such as setting a tournament start date, the buy-in amount, number of seats, prize pool structure, the level at which the blinds increase and more.


Playing poker online with friends has never been easier thanks to the options available at both Pokerstars and 888Poker. Both are great choices when it comes to playing poker online and the features included with both should satisfy most players.

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